Get Lucky 助你好运

by Deng Jie

About This Sharing

Written by Liu Xuan 刘轩, a Harvard University psychological experts that guides you how to get lucky

by using 3 main point which is GET POSITIVE, TUNE UP and CONNECT PEOPLE.

Through this 3 main point, he will explain on how to turns your unhappy mood to be happy by using your mindset and body language. Besides that, he also teach you on how to send lucky signals to people that around to make the whole environment is in positive thinking.

Speaker’s Thoughts

This book has inspired and taught me how to think more positively instead of always sucked into unhappy mood and being emotional with small matters.

Besides that, it also makes me realise that I am a lucky person to always have my family and friends caring and keep in touch with me, even though there had been unhappy incidents and problems.