Branding Marketing question

Why is my product “invisible” to the crowd?
I was the pioneer of my industry but why am I drowning?

Before you answer: “I don’t have a good Marketing team to generate sales for my product!”

Let’s scroll down to identify the real, underlying issue prior deciding WHO should fix it:

Branding problem price war

How often do you run promotion and clearance sale?

If that’s the ONLY way to gain customer base, you are in deep trouble. Never kickstart your brand by highlighting how affordable it is – unless you’re at the top of the food chain.

The Price War is a dreadful one. It’s a one-way ticket towards brand suicide. Discover your product’s Unique Selling Point before it’s too late..

Who you hire to enlighten you:

A Brand Strategist »

But… I’m incapable of inventing something unique. Can I still survive?

Ideally, an invention will monopolise the market but even Thomas Edison’s light bulb is being phased out by LEDs in the 21st century. No one is invincible against time.

So, in this endlessly crowded market, the only way to shine a little more is via persistence Branding practices – not just the looks (logo, photos) but the character as well.

Who you need to hire:

Inbound Marketing Experts »
Branding problem Unique Selling Point
Branding problem ads strategy

So, maximum exposure for Branding. Let’s splurge on billboards and Ads!

Yeah, this will totally work only if you’re launching a brand 10 years ago. With Google and Facebook literally shaping the way people obtain information on this planet, you will be surprised how far 100 bucks can get you – with the right keywords, targeting, analysis and projection.

You will need to hire:

Business Intelligence Data Analyst »

But ultimately, legacy is the goal

Every founder of a company dreams to have his/her creations being passed down from generation to generation – as long as it can. We can be persistent with our Branding and never dive into the Price War but the only constant in this world, is change.

No matter how unique your product, it is not bulletproofed against human behaviour and that’s why, your brand needs advisors along its growth to constantly inspire you to push harder, reach further.

You’ll definitely need:

Innovation Motivators »

Brand Strategist

Inbound Marketing

Data Analyst

Business Consultant

SME size

Now that we’ve identified WHO to fix your problem, your next concern should be BUDGET, right?

SMEs come in different sizes but almost none of them can afford to hire all 4 teams mentioned above on a monthly basis.

The Adverts Venture’s founder & CEO, Jeffrey Wan is a devoted entrepreneur with a “TAV 100 Years” legacy in mind. We’ve all started with limited budget hence we recognise the struggle…

We understand your concerns.

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