Marketing The Adverts Venture

Jeffrey Wan 尹可进
Founder, CEO & Chief Business Strategist

According to 16Personalities, he’s an ENFP-A »

What is your role at the Adverts Venture and what do you like most about it?

As an entrepreneur, I am involved in almost everything. Future planning, strategic planning, market & client research, even counselling. That’s the thing about small/medium entrepreneurs. We have to see through every progress and not ignore any details that may very well be the downfall/blooming of the company. What i love most is the communication with people. Exchanging ideas through brainstorming especially is a great opportunity to dream big of all the possibilities to make a big leap.

What are the challenges you face at work and how do you handle them?

I lack experience in managing a company of this amount of people because our company started off with 5 people and now it’s more than 3 times the number. There is no doubt a lot of changes followed by different kind of challenges. I have to constantly learn on the way and finding mentors, reading books so that I may learn from their experience. Also, I have to learn how to schedule my time for every aspect of the company more effectively.

Surprise Question! Teach me something i don’t know in the next 5 minutes.

There is a book by Stephen Covey that talks about the 7 habit of highly effective people. The book categorizes humans’ growth in 3 stages. The first one, dependent stage, highlights life’s beginning whereby 4–5 years old are free of responsibilities and need guidance for basic learning. The second stage, independent stage, talks about 10–15 years old that eventually learn to be responsible of own actions as well as self management. The final stage, interdependent stage is the difficult part where we have to learn to integrate with others to produce results that can contribute to the community. A lot of people failed to transition to this stage and hence stuck as self-employed, lone-wolf. Of course, for third stage, conflict is bound to happen but it is important that we overcome it to achieve a better stage of life.

If you can make one thing viral/famous throughout the whole world, what would it be and why?

Healthy eating definitely. Specifically, Gerson’s guide of eating. 80 years ago, the US government had a public competition that rewards research grants for the organization that proves to have potential in treating cancer.Gerson’s approach on healthy eating is proved effective yet the drug company won the competition. If I ever have the opportunity to let everyone know about one thing, it would definitely be Gerson’s healthy eating guide.

People from a company selling that thing you mentioned just approached you and asked you to promote for them with an infinite budget, how would you plan to do it?

I would definitely open restaurants everywhere that practices Gerson’s healthy eating with practitioners available to customers, especially cancer patients.

Something about your personal self. If you could be any animal/thing in the world, what animal/thing would you be and why?

A bird because then I can fly anywhere I want and see a lot of things.

What is the one book/video/movie that you think everyone should read/watch and why?

Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 habits of highly effective people’. Besides the 7 habits, the 3 stages I mentioned earlier can provide much insights into our self-reflection and personal growth so that we can live a better life.