Our Value. Our Legacy.

We believe every company has one strong value that benefits the country, society or community. Value, is the key to a sustainable business because the society doesn’t feed on aesthetics to run their lives.

You can expand your departments and grow your business overseas but if it doesn’t sit on a strong innovative foundation, the business will eventually cease to offer the best value.

We won’t purchase a a computer that runs on a Pentium 4 anymore; Hence, we cannot expect our customers be loyal to us for being… stubborn – even though it was a great value, back then.

We recognise the breakthrough each company needs and they all begin from a sustainable business model. Coupled with the right marketing strategy and technical support, you are leading your way towards a legacy.

Innovation Motivators, that’s who you need.

Jeffrey Wan,
Co-founder & Business Strategist

Come on, let’s take the leap!

We have always wanted to inspire our clients the way we inspire ourselves by taking chances and embracing challenges.

Sharing ideas, anytime, anywhere.

The best way to inspire is to share ideas and get inspired along the way! TAV Academy encourages Ad-Venturers to share experiences through TEDxAdverts and Intrapreneur Nights because learning is more fun when we’re engaged with the crowd 🙂

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Fear no limits. The world is your oyster!

Ideas worth sharing shall learn no limits. We provide ample room for improvement and expressing thoughts. Let the canvas be as huge as your mind allows and inspirations will start pouring in.


Express and Embrace.

When you embrace your fear, expression gets easier and collaboration works better with effective communication.

Hence, we begin by encouraging Ad-Venturers to drop messages to each other because you never know which words may inspire or brighten up their crappy day! We believe positivity will then stream through works and eventually reaches the clients.

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